Affirming the Global Now


If the future is but a dream, and the past but a memory, perhaps all we ever have; is now.  One, great big long stupendous present, for all to share, and everywhere.

We all live on the same planet.  Seven billion of us (and counting!) as well as myriad other multitudes of highly evoluted species.   What an amazing time to be alive!  Now.  A tremendous gift.  An amazing planet.  Our watery blue world – and cool sister moon – slowly revolving in tandem spiral about the sun.  Spinning-ever-spinning beneath the unwinking sun in  the vast solar now; a 4.55 billion year day.

Comically, perhaps even surreally, clever-monkey-clocks – now in their third millennium! – cluck and gibber the world over.  All set to different times, all clumped in bands, all displaying different numbers, all purporting to describe the present.  WOW!  A Tottering Tower of  Babylon Time.  A Pre-Copernican, Geocentric Time.  A Ptolomy of Time Elaborately Epicycled into Ersatz Zones.  But wait there’s more!  An International Date Line!  Multiple Daze!  Just imagine; on the other side of midnight, tomorrow ever dances away at 1,000 miles an hour!  Ah, but don’t look now, for the absurdum reverberates!  AS AN EXTRA BONUS:  For two hours each day (thanks Kirimati!), there are not two dates but three.  “Good SatSunMonday!”  Even Umberto Ecco found it delightfully absurd.


Global Realtime

If you have ever spoken on the phone (or texted, or chatted, or facetimed, or, or, or… connected) with a friend in California, or Hilo or Dubai — while you were at home in Detroit (or Sacramento, or Timbuktu, or whatever island you call home), you pretty quickly figured out no matter what ‘time’ it was ‘there’ or ‘here’, it’s all the same now everywhere.  Blessedly, millions like you and I are beginning to confirm from direct personal experience — our global connections in realtime.  No matter where you are, there is no time like the present, for truly it is now everywhere.

Consider our glorious present — indeed it is a gift.  And everywhere on this world, so magical!  WOW!  An infinitely-faceted radiant blue gem.  Floating in space.  Spinning.  Suspended in almost nothing.


Say hello to the big time:  Aloha ManawaNui!

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