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ʻAloha & Welcome  to Mauna Kea Time!

To some, Mauna Kea Time might seem a new way of looking at time, but in reality, MKT is a return to the way people have understood the cycles and rhythms of our natural world  for tens of thousands of years — realtime.

No hours, minutes, seconds.  No seven day weeks.  No daylight savings.  No leap years.  No 28 or 31 day months  .No international date line.  No simultaneous multiple global dates.  No mechanically standardized time.  No equation of time. No ʻfictitiousʻ sun.  No myriad separate time zones.  Just one single connected now everywhere.  simple.

How can this be?  In a way, MKT is a kind of archiac revival.  A return to a time-tested and true way of keeping track of the physical phenomena that is the basis for all life on our planet — the spinning of the earth, the orbit of the moon, and our tandem annual spiral about the sun.  Our dance in space.

But MKT is also a synthesis of the efforts of thousands of years of many cultures around the world into a simple system that allows you to collaborate in realtime with anyone around the world, and easily coordinate your actions — no matter where on earth either of you might be.  It is a single timezone and date system for the entire world that collapses the chaos and complexity of our legacy industrial time into a single simple date:time; now everywhere.  And, itʻs so simple, you may soon wonder why no one thought of this before.  The answer is; they have — we did — and you can too!

If you have ever wanted to march to a different rhythm, if ever you have felt the 9 to5 40-hour-work-week was not quite right for you, if you ever wished you had more free time, if ever you desired more time to focus on what was truly import to you and the ones you love, if it ever seemed absurd to spring forward, fall back or that it was Sunday in Tokyo while Saturday in DC, then prepare yourself for a whole new world of time.

Are you ready for now, because itʻs been here for you all along.  Welcome to Mauna Kea Time, and guess what; youʻre soaking in it!

Time just got an upgrade.  Welcome to your evolution.

Welcome to Mauna Kea Time.

Now.  Everywhere ™

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