Where does this New Day Begin?

In the center of the largest single geographic feature of our watery blue world, where East meets West, 180 degrees opposite the ‘Prime Meridian’ the The Pacific: Ka Moana Nui – The Great Ocean of the World.

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  1. so amazing that from all the various ʻprime meridiansʻ of the wester world; from Jerusalem, Egypt, Venice, Carthage, Rome, The Balearic Islands, The Paris Meridian, The Gates of Hercules & the Straits of Gibraltar, The Azores, Fortunate Islands, and the Canaries, that the broad array of meridians are almost exactly 180 degrees from the Meridian of the Antipodes, The Hawaiian Archipelago

    How indeed did it happen that and the Anti-Prime Meridian of the so-called International “Date” Line would wind up so closely aligning with the center of the far-flung island homes of the premiere navigating culture of the world, The Polynesians and their vast ʻTriangleʻ

    Did they somehow ʻknowʻ how emphatically the planet is geologically marked in this part of the the most expansive world ocean anywhere in the solar system. So profound.

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