What is the point of a shared global now?

A shared global now allows us each to reach together and connect in realtime across and around the world to collaborate & co-create a peaceful sovereign world at a scale equal to the task at hand.  An unambiguous numerical expression of ‘nowness’ allows us all to ‘get on the same page’ and easily coordinate our distributed world-wide activities.  Be:now does not replace your local time.  Local time is also valuable in that it conveys where within your local day you are.  Be:now is a second time tool to add to your tool kit.  We can then harmonize and synchronize our activities with others at the global level.  Be:now allows you to think globally while you act locally.  Be:now ends the confusion of multiple timezones, staggered daylight savings resets and double global dates.   be:now collapses the confusing disarray into a single global now, tied not into any one local time, but a shared global condition of percentage planetary rotation… starting and ending each global day from 00:000, the global zero moment of midday on the Anti-Prime Meridian, 180 degrees away from GMT.  100% time. Are you ready for the bigtime? be:now

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