Natural Time 2.0

are you ready for time 2.0? say aloha to Mauna Kea Time - a whole wide world of now everywhere!

    Say aloha to a whole world wide of now.


As we move further into the third millennium, perhaps now would be a great time to turn away from machine and atomic time, and return to the actual rhythms of the real world.  Not the model.  Not the fabricated.  Not the fictitious nor mean.  But the real.  So, what is real?

Hours, minutes, seconds and weeks – they are all made up. There is nothing intrinsically 7, 24, or 60 about time.  Time simply flows.  Time zones, daylight savings too – all social constructs, designed by people for their particular self-interests, mostly as a means of social control, and in the world we live in today; technological, industrial, and increasingly sophisticated, yet still machines.  All the data in the world will never teach you how to kiss, or love, or gaze in wonder at the heavens above.  This is vastly more profound.

The sun, the moon, and  stars these however, are real.  They gyre and swoon, eccentric and elliptical, and ever in flux, often at teim-scales that exceed our capacity to easily recognise.  The universe is not a clockwork; it is made of energy.  It is not fixed; it vibrates.  We are not separate from it, we are of it.  In the natural world, time is elastic; it is liquid.  it pulses and flows.   It is fluid, not mechanical.  Continuous, not zoned. Flexible; neither standardised nor mean.  And yet legacy time systems rebel against these realities at every turn.  Why?

The Industrial world view, and the time model it perpetuates is separated from reality.  Separation seems to be a central principle; It literally exists apart. Rather than observe and conform to what actually is, the industrial time model asserts conceptual supremacy over the natural world it perports to desribe.  Reality is too variable, too inconsistent — too alive — to be controlled, and so the actual univere is jettisoned for a more complient and regulatable model.

And yet it remains as true today as it was in 1841 when Ralph Waldo Emerson observed “a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.”

Some people say, time does not exist.  It is an illusion, created by the mind, founded on separation.  Which is exactly the what industrial time system is.  Alienated. And, alienating.

But  Mauna Kea stands calm and connected.  It is a place from which the the earth almost touches heaven.  Where even the industrial astronomical community will admit as having some of the most ‘stellar’ seeing from anywhere on the surface of this world.  So much sky!.  So still, and dark, dry and dust free the little atmosphere that slides above the summit.  Overhead at night  the stars shine and wheel across the sky, but hardly sparkle — the laminar flow of air over the summit so smooth flows.  The moon and the sun swoon and dance the tides.  And beneath them all, the mauna slowly revolves, breathing in and out once a day, the end and the beginning of each revolution.  Not the suberb of some 19th century  european empire, but the tallest pinnacle on the planet surrounded by the broadest ocean in the solar system.

Welcome to the Mauna.

Welcome to Time 2.0


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  1. as we move further into our third millenium, perhaps NOW would be a woderFULL time to move more fully into ourseselves – and by this I mean the Whole of ourselves, not merely the polished and the proud parts, but also the puny – the pieces we unloveling scraped to the side, the unpreffered, the plain. the homely. For they are a part of us too – the heart and the trump; the knave and the scoundrle. For if we fail to love these aspects of ourselves, these wounded fragments, these sharp shards will continue to reverberate and further enwound in their unfolding. This need not be. We can make a choice. Now, in this moment, in this present tence. For Now is a time like no other. This moment is potent. Powerful. Profound. Momentous. In truth, there has never beeen another like it, for this time is uniquely now. It has never come before . . . . A it has been a long time coming.

    Savor this time. This ‘new’ Now that has actually been here for a million years. The Mauan, and the vast sacred Now it defined. Let it roll around in your mouth. Get to know the new taste of now as it explodes on your tastebuds. Are you ready to raise your frequency? Does the machine metronome of steadfastly 60 beats suddenly seem lethargic? A little largo? Are you ready to dance to the pulse of a new rhythm? Are you ready to raise your frequency? Are you ready to not spend one more minute in Babylon time?

    If so, Welcome to the the other side of time. Time from the watery half of the world, where time is fluid and full. Neither sliced, diced, nor stranded in zones, but whole and complete, pulsing and alive, now, everywhere.

    Re-orient yourself to the glorious present, a brave old world where you can experience the pulse and rythm of beautiful living chaos. 180 degrees from the cradles of so many civilizations. Where east actualy does meet west. Here in the center of the Pacific, the ocean of peace. Ka Moana Nui Honua – the great Ocean of our world, the broadest open expance of fluid in our solar system… and unwind for a stretch.

    Are you ready for a new tempo of time? Mauna Kea Time is manawā dekimala, a decimal frequency, for the Mauna has no need to divide the contious passing of time into hours, minutes or seconds.

    Iki = a brief moment. Wikiwiki like a second, but not clipped or machined. Not so sliced, diced and hyper-defined the trillionth of an occilation of a cascading cesiū atom. Not spindled. Not folded. Not mutilated. Elastic & Alive Not marching, but Dancing to the adagio pulse and rythem of a million year old volcano, the talest on the planet, in the center of the largest sea of our solar system. On a shining bluegreen planet where 70% of the surface is water, and so are we. 100,000 iki strong each day. Each new revolution. Each new ebolution in time. A new frequency of time & space & love. Now. Everywhere.

    Join the revolution.

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