Into the Naʻau

change is evolution, and evolution takes time.

time, you see is of the essence…

it is that through which we are being.

and in the chaos that is beauty that is everywhere surrounding us,

one can take great delight as cherry blossoms into coral, as sun sinks poʻ-ward bound, into ka moana nui.

the vastly watered side of our home world, where west never does reach east.

for in between is the most expansive body of water on any planet in the entire solar system, the Pacific Ocean of Polynesia, and the Mauna Kea Line.

Itʻs so exciting when you _donʻt_ know the answers, cuz weʻre all just learning every night and day.

to discover we really are all just making things up as we go along, is so liberating

in what new form shall things emerge?

One Reply to “Into the Naʻau”

  1. Brilliant idea. I understand the bias towards Mauna Kea over the over Mauna Loa due to cultural preference and interest by scientists in Mauna Kea as a sight of obervation.

    However, if you are measuring from base to peak Mauna Loa is the taller (and younger) ocean mount.

    None the less, this is a crystal clear thought in a world of swirling “fake” news.

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