No Place like LaniAkea

They say the universe is a big place, but if that is so, how come it only has a radius of 1/2  light exachi?

And what exactly is an exachi?

An exachi is a duration equal to 1 quadrillion pana’iki, or 864 trillion seconds.  A mighty frickin big numba – or is it?

As it turns out, 1 quadrillion pana’iki is about  27.4 x 10 ^9 yrs, or 27.4 billion years. Roughly 6 times the age of our sun and solar system, and about twice as old as the entire universe.

So 1 light exachi, would be about 8.4 million parsecs, roughly twice the 3.6  mega parsecs radius cosmologists are presently pushing.

Recent estimates for the age of the universe are now ranging around 13.8 billion years, which remarkably close to half an exachi.

So, 1 exachi equals roughly twice the presently estimated age of everything.


There, please no more complaint about not have enough time – how is double the time there has ever been!


Now that’s time enough for love. Go make some!

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