Rising Above an Ocean of Now — Mauna Time

If spacetime is liquid, then like an ocean encirling the world, we are literally soaking in it.  All of us.  Everywhere.  Always.

As the graphic above shows, the mighty mountain island of Hawai’i defines the longitude of Mauna Kea as the Mauna Kea Line (MKL), reorienting us to the  center of an ocean-world of spacetime.

With the MKL, there is no need for an Imaginary Date Line. Although it is certainly true longitudes around the world are illuminated by the sun in turn as our world revolves, there is no need for mulitple zones or dates in a world where a shared sense of  ‘now’ is easily large enough to encircle and embrace our small watery blue planet.

Welcome to the worldwide present.  Welcome to the power of ‘now.’

Welcome to Mauna Time.




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