A Counterbalance to Western Industrial Time

Welcome to Time from the Watery Side of the World!

As a beautiful liquid counter-balance to the rigid machine time of global industrial capitalism, MaunaTime is a pulse of a different frequency — flexible and flowing, like life — like you.

Instead of a metronome rigidly manufacturing mean time based on a ‘fictitious sun’, MaunaTime flexibly follows the subtly shifting apparent  motions of our actual sun, as our world orbits and revolves.  Because it is based in physical reality rather than a standardized mechanical ideal, in MaunaTime, the equation of time is always equals zero — never falling behind nor surging ahead — always in synch with our sun-kissed world.

Instead of marking time from midnight from an obsolete observatory in some suburb of a defunct English navel empire (as does Greenwich Mean Time), MaunaTime is centered on midday on Mauna Kea, short for Mauna a Wākea, on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi. And like Moana Nui Akea, the great and expansive world Ocean that surrounds us all, MaunaTime flows to every far-flung corner of our world.

Why Mauna Kea? Mauna Kea kuahiwi ku ha’o ika malie

“Mauna Kea is the astonishing mountain that stands in the calm.”

• when measured from base 20,000 feet below the sea to the perpetually snow-clad summit 14,000 feet above, Mauna Kea is the tallest peak on the planet — nearly ten kilometers tall

• Mauna Kea is centrally located in the middle of the largest geophysical feature of our watery world, the mighty Pacific Ocean

• Mauna Kea is located in the tropics, near our central equator

• Mauna Kea is located near to the International Date Line, the antipodes of the classical western world

• for the last million years, Mauna Kea has sat atop the ‘Hawaiian hot spot’, a stationary volcanic mantle plume, one of the most energetic and enduring energy upwellings from the interior of our living planet


If we are to make a healthy break from the dead-end trajectory of global industrial capitalism, a death-centered philosophy that views life — like time — as a commodity to be sliced, diced into pieces and sold, then we will be greatly aided in our effort by adopting a new foundation for our temporal dealings with one another, one built on the bedrock of reality, and surrounded by tides, not a standardized construct of industrial fiction.

If we want to live within the world rather than try impossibly to control it, if we desire a world of temporal relations that are centered, rather than constantly overwound, that like life is fluid and flexible, If we desire to connect with others around the world of like heart and mind that are neither mechanical nor separated into artificial zones of separate ‘now’, periodically jiggered by daylight savings, arbitrarily divided into separate dates by an Imaginary Date Line, then so too should be our time like the Mauna, of the firmament, surrounded by an ocean of now.

As a Human beings indigenous to this watery blue world, we have found our way to the ends of the Earth, and beyond. There  ‘be no dragons here’, nor an edge which we fall off.  Instead, we have discovered  our world is connected round.  MaunaTimes does not come in ‘zones’. Like the oceans of the world it extends surrounds us all equally in a loving embrace of global now.

If you are ready for our next great adventure, say “Aloha” to Babylon Time, and welcome to the global present of MaunaTime.  Welcome to the epicenter of your indigenous counterevolution.

E komo mai!


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