Hoʻo Manawa Nui — Bē patient

Ready for the Big Time ~ ManawaNui

Ready or Not, Here Comes the Big Time

Manawa is Hawaiian for ʻtimeʻ and Nui means ʻgreatʻ or ʻlargeʻ  Taken together, ManawaNui could translate into English as ʻThe BigTimeʻ.  This is exactly what MaunaTime is intended to be.

When measured from itʻs base almost 20,000 feet below the surface of the sea to itʻs sacred summits nearly 14,000 feet above, Mauna a Wākea (‘Mountain of Wākeaʻ, Father Sky in Hawaiian creation narratives) — essentially is the entire ‘Big Islandʻ of Hawaiʻi — is tallest and most massive mountain on Earth.  A 10,000 meter mountain.

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Ka Moana Nui Akea (‘The Great and Expansive World Ocean’), Mauna Kea is the 10 kilomter mountain in the middle of the largest single geophysical surface feature on the face of our planet, and as such is a oerfect place to mark time on our watery blue world.

Are you ready for the Big Time?

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