∞ Mauna Kea Time ∞

What is Mauna Kea Time? 

Somewhere along the way, the ‘command & control’ cultures of the ‘West’ made a fundamental break with the natural rhythms of the real world, and created the mechanical fiction of industrial time

With awesome & terrifying effect.

Perhaps it “seemed like a ‘good idea’ at the time”, but in truth, it was impossible to foresee all the consequences three centuries of globalized industrial capitalism would reek on our watery world, and besides, history does not work that way — there never was a cabal of evil industrials bent on burning the world — it just turned out that way.

Today however, the picture has become more clear. Blessedly, more and more people all over the world — just like you — are beginning to better see, that we too must make a break with that way of ‘doing business’, for if we don’t, we will break the world.

Mauna Kea Time is part of the indigenous-lead global ‘counter-evolution’ to turn back from the brink of of industrial time’s catastrophe, and return to the natural rhythms of the real.

What does this mean?

Global industrial time systems are not real, nor do they pretend to be — if you actually drill down to the base.Standardized time explicitly follows a ‘fictions sun’ rather than the real, and so literally does not measure the real motions of the moon and our turning world.  Instead to cleaves to a mechanized model of reality, rather than the actual real.

Rather, they are simplified, socially- constructed fictions — fictions useful for industrial-scale social mobilization — but based on transparently false assumptions and models of the way the world works.

we have been stacking up and ‘soaking in’ for centuries, based not on the created to support and mobilize the industrial model of it is perhaps difficult to easily see — the intellectual foundations of mechanical clocktime is based on a false notion Neither the universe, nor our world is  machine. The universebased on an elaborate array of subtle fictions stacked dizzingly one upon the other —While clocktime seems to

clocks that follow a falsely regulated and standardized ‘ficticious sun’, are all aspects of a subtle but profoundly broad cultural retreat from the real.

Our legacy global time systems of Babylonian hours, minutes, seconds, Teutonic weeks, Anglo-Imperial meridians and zones, arbitrary daylight savings and standardized times, springing forward and falling back a cross imaginary date lines, are all social constructs — fictitious notions highly useful for massive social organization along global-scaled industrial lines, but those are the lines we are now seeing to be dead ends.