Time Enough For Love


now. we set aside our fears, for there is always time enough love.  we can begin to tell a new story.  of how we almost lost it all, but found ourselves again in time, and returned into the world.  now. we can lay the foundation for a long and lasting peace, within us and between us.  now. across the many lands.  now. across the many waters.  now — each one of us — our many colored hands, our vibrant beating hearts, our red hot blood pounding within our ears.  can you hear it?  the end is not near, we are only just beginning!

There is No Time like the Present

now. we no longer need to fight.  now. we can unite.  now. from every far-flung ‘corner’ of the globe, this watery blue world, this marble in space. our many multi-colored myriad tribes — all one single human race — now. we can come together in mutual respect.  now. we can begin together to heal the world.

What is the point of a shared global now?

A shared global now allows us each to reach together and connect in realtime across and around the world to collaborate & co-create a peaceful sovereign world at a scale equal to the task at hand.  An unambiguous numerical expression of ‘nowness’ allows us all to ‘get on the same page’ and easily coordinate our distributed world-wide activities.  Be:now does not replace your local time.  Local time is also valuable in that it conveys where within your local day you are.  Be:now is a second time tool to add to your tool kit.  We can then harmonize and synchronize our activities with others at the global level.  Be:now allows you to think globally while you act locally.  Be:now ends the confusion of multiple timezones, staggered daylight savings resets and double global dates.   be:now collapses the confusing disarray into a single global now, tied not into any one local time, but a shared global condition of percentage planetary rotation… starting and ending each global day from 00:000, the global zero moment of midday on the Anti-Prime Meridian, 180 degrees away from GMT.  100% time. Are you ready for the bigtime? be:now

Meditations from Ka Piko o Moana Nui – How to Collaborate Across our Watery Wide World


Our World United Across Time Zones & Dates into a Single Global NOW

...but there is no time like the present.  now.  everywhere.
130 years ago at the International Meridian Conference in 1884, our world was divided like an orange into 24 segments or ‘zones’ of time with two simultaneous global dates created and separated by a newly contrived International Date Line.  As we were divided from natural time, so too were we divided from each other.  But time is a tool we can reclaim and refashion to serve us, rather than us having to serve it.  Be:now is such a time tool that collapses all our multiple time zones and dates into a single world-wide ‘now.’  How does be:now do this?  Where does this day begin? What is the point of a shared global now?   If you wanna change the world, you must begin with yourself.  Now is as good a time as any, and in fact, it may be all we ever have.  Fear you haven’t time enough for love?  Quiet your mind.  Sink into yourself.  Synch up with others of like heartmind and spirit.  breath in.  breath out.